Differences between computers bought from a retail shop OR bought from PC Sanity:

When you buy a PC or a notebook from a retailer, Windows is only pre-installed and you have to do the rest.


When you buy a PC or a notebook from PC Sanity, we provide System Setup included in the price.


Also, we supply you the genuine Windows DVD & the motherboard drivers CD. When you buy a notebook from PC Sanity, we create your Recovery Disc set for you (usually 4 x DVDs). Required if you ever have to reinstall the operating system.


INCLUDED in the QUOTED price, PC Sanity will SETUP the PC/notebook for you e.g.


+Finalise the Windows setup


+Install motherboard drivers (& video card drivers if applicable)


+Activate Windows with Microsoft


+Install all critical/important Windows Updates


+Install latest Adobe Reader (so that you can view PDF files)


+Install Nero (if applicable)


+Configure Internet Explorer for initial use & Chrome browser (if required)


+Uninstall unnecessary software (if required) e.g. trial programs


+Disable unnecessary Startup entries (makes your computer load Windows faster)



If not wanting the System Setup above, we can supply the PC/notebook as is for $44 less than our quoted price.


For a small labour charge, we can also copy your data (from your old computer) to the new computer, setup your email account & import emails and contacts from your old computer, install your printer, supply & install software e.g. Microsoft Office, Internet Security, MYOB, QuickBooks, Adobe Photoshop, Corel PaintShop Pro etc OR just reinstall your software for you. We can also deliver, connect & setup the PC/notebook & show it all working.


Even if you have purchased a PC/notebook elsewhere, we are happy to perform the System Setup for a small labour charge.



What makes PC Sanity different?

6 areas that distinguish us from our competition...

1: We offer a high level of "old-fashioned" personal service most computer repair companies don't. Being a mature technician, Jeff will treat you with respect even if you are a complete novice. We give Plain English explanations.

2: We provide user-friendly, honest and reliable computer repair, maintenance, support, upgrades, troubleshooting, networking, security services in a timely manner at a very reasonable price. Our new PCs & notebooks are very competively priced.

3: When we supply you a PC or notebook, we provide System Setup included in the quoted price:

a. finalise the (pre-installed) Windows setup

b. install all critical/important Windows Updates

c. install latest Adobe Reader, uninstall trial programs (notebooks only)

d. disable unnecessary Startup entries (makes your computer load Windows faster)

e. create your 16GB USB Recovery Drive (if notebook value is over $800) plus more

4: We have many testimonials of our prior work. Please view them located in our Testimonials page. We also have many Reviews on our Facebook Page (PC_Sanity)
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5: For in-workshop jobs, our turn-around time is very short. Most jobs are completed within one or two days. When you collect your computer, we actually demonstrate that it is fixed & are happy to explain the changes made/work carried out on your computer & (where available) show you the logs. We send you a courtesy email afterwards to follow-up on your computer service/repair.

6: We offer onsite computer repairs, pick-up service, Remote Access or you can bring your computer to us at our office in Rochedale, Logan, Brisbane.

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