Colleen R

Hi PC Sanity, thank you so much for fixing my laptop. (Yes, the fingerprint scanner still works.)
Great service and a brilliant price. I will recommend you to everyone.



Subject: RE: new PC courtesy follow-up

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the follow-up!

Just to confirm that I am very happy with the computer & your service in setting things up.

At this stage all is OK & I do not have any questions.



Many thanks for the service with the new computer – trouble free purchase!

Chel and Phil

Chel & Phil

Thanks Jeff. Super helpful explaining things to me. Patient while I discussed things with my partner and super quick with responses to questions/comments and the (new) machine once all decided. Love your work.

Colin and Joyce

Colin & Joyce

Subject: RE: new PC courtesy follow-up
We recently purchased a new PC with upgrades to Windows 7 and Office 2013 from Jeff at PC Sanity. Jeff installed only the programs we required and transferred our files. Jeff came to our home and installed the new PC including connecting our printer,which saved us a lot of stress. Jeff has been most helpful since, we have emailed him with questions and he has always replied promptly with a simple answer. We would certainly recommend his service.

George K

George K

Subject: re: Computer

Dear Jeff,

Thanks, very much for your help!!

It was much appreciated.

The computer is working well, thanks to you!!


Subject: Thanks Jeff


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jeff from PC Sanity who spent many hours helping us to

resolve a problem with our PC and helped to restore my sanity.


He stayed with us the distance.


If you have a problem with your PC, try contacting Jeff before pulling all your hair out.



Tracey S.



I can not thank you enough, for all the time, advice, e-mails,

and help that you have given me with my computer.




Subject: Thank you to Jeff at PC Sanity


For the help getting my sons internet access up and running again. He is one ecstatic kid tonight 🙂


Subject: Thanks Jeff from PC Sanity


A huge thankyou to Jeff form PC Sanity for all the time he took trying to sort out a computer

problem we have. He certainly taught me a few things about my computer which I didn’t know.


If anyone is ever in need of someone to help them with computer problems I would have

no hesitation in recommending Jeff.


Thanks again Jeff




Subject:thanks Jeff PC Sanity (PC support for novice and mature age users)


We would like to thank Jeff and thoroughly recommend him to anyone with any computer issues,


his help has been absolutely invaluable. Jeff is studying for his Diploma in

I.T. Network Engineering, and needs all the assistance he can get to acquire new clients without

resorting to expensive advertising.


If you or someone you know needs computer assistance, please tell your friends, neighbours and

relatives about PC Sanity as he relies on word of mouth as his (main) form of advertising. And

although he specializes in PC support for novice and mature age users – we are neither novices

or mature age, and still learnt a great deal from him.


Thank you Jeff for your computer advise


Dear Jeff


Thanks Jeff for the very prompt computer advise you gave


You gave me the information I needed to make me realise that I had not

installed a program completely. Now I can listen to the radio etc by using

Windows media player.


Also you helped confirm my suspicions about my phone service provider. I

want to disconnect my landline and want to keep my broadband connection.

I keep getting conflicting stories about the broadband being able to operate.


Yes that extra $ is what they are after.


I am still very surprised that you responded so promptly and gave me the

advise I needed to check what I had installed on my computer. Better still

no jargon that I had to interpret.


Best of luck with yoru business. With quality of customer service, you deserve

to prosper.


Once again thanks for all the help you were able to offer.


Yours truly,


Pam L



Subject: Thanks: computer helps and parts


I would just like to say thanks to PC Sanity for the computer help

we now have a wonderful working computer for our 6 children.


Thanks again


Subject: Thanks – PC Sanity




I wish to thank Jeff at PC Sanity – I have had a big problem with my computer just


dropping out on the internet. I could connect ok, but

within a few minutes it would just drop out. This was very frustrating and if i could have threw the

computer out my window behind me i would have several times (luckily for the security screens)


Jeff spent quite some time working on the computer and it is now working remarkably

better, in fact i dont remember it working this well.


No longer does it drop out, and i have been able to also do other bits and pieces that i

could not do before.


Again a big thanks for working on the computer and also explaining to me about how things work.


PC Sanity surely gave me my sanity back.




Subject: thankyou pc sanity please read
 Thankyou jeff for helping us with our computer greatly appreciated was your time and effort. 
It is wonderful to have computer set up the way it is now, thankyou.

 Thanks heaps Marie


Subject: Thank you Thank you JEFF


Thank you so much Jeff. The kids and I really appreciate you fixing our computer,


you saved me an absolute fortune. If there is any more problems I will give you a call.


The other problem has been fixed.


Subject:  THANKS: Jeff at PC Sanity
Thanks to Jeff at PC Sanity for all the time spent ironing out the problems with my computer. 
A generous, gentle, patient man who has captured the spirit of Freecycle. 
My personal thanks to you Jeff.
Janet M
Slacks Creek



I would like to thank jeff from pc sanity for all the wonderful help that he has given me to 
get rid of some nasty problems from my pc. 
Here's hoping a big bag full of good karma is on its way to you. 

Regards Fran


Subject: Huge big thanks to Jeff from PC Sanity (he sure saved mine)


Thanks very much Jeff, He came over this morning and helped me network my PC’s.


It is something that has been had me tearing my hair out for weeks. It took him over


2hrs to get everything right (I was amazed that he was happy to spend that much time here)


but it is all working extremely well now.


The kids are over the moon , now they can play their Dora the explorer games !


Thanks again Jeff , your a real life (and hair) saver.


Drew and Family.

john & liz

From: john & liz


To: PC Sanity


Hi Jeff, sorry about the no response.


We took your advise and have discovered that the computer is stuffed. It needs to be

upgraded anyway.


Thank you for your help.






Subject: Thank you Jeff


A great big thank you to Jeff for helping me get rid of a nasty trojan on my computer.


After numerous emails back and forth my gremlin is gone!!!!! So guys if you need help

he is more than willing to supply it and in a language even I can

understand. LOL


Once again Thank you Jeff for your unselfish

efforts. You are a really nice bloke.


Thanks Again Nina


To: PC Sanity


Subject: Re: Defrag Win 98 workaround


Thank you very much, Rose



Subject: Thanks Jeff (PC Sanity)
Jeff (PC Sanity), 

Thank you very much for all your help, I was on the brink of insanity with this computer.
After following your advice the problem is now fixed and I can stop pulling my hair out.
You sure have chosen the right name.

 Kind Regards



Subject: RE – Jeff and PC SANITY


Hi All,


I just thought i’d pop in and say what a great job Jeff does.

He has helped me out on more than one occasion, saving me

grief, money and hair!


Off all the times he has sorted out a system for me, the

majority of the work was done gratis … I have only had to

pay him for one major job and when I got the bill I had to

pinch myself.


Jeff speaks to you in a language you can understand, unlike

the majotiry of snot nosed no-it-all’s that would rather confuse

the hell out of you than help. His service is top notch and he

has the education to back it up.


For what it’s worth, I give him my official TWO THUMBS UP!



Tracy Frei

Subject: Testimonial for PC Sanity

I highly recommend Jeff from PC Sanity.

He provides prompt, reliable, affordable service, with a smile:).

He keeps our computers running for our business with prompt, friendly service

Thank you

Tracy Frei


(Name displayed by permission)

Yvette O

HI all

Tue Jan 30, 2007

Just popping in after a short absence due to my

PC being with Jeff at PC Sanity – he just did some

work on my puter, re-installed XP for me, cleaned up

a few glitches, backed up my old files first, restored

all the stuff when he finished – and I can’t believe how

little it cost me compared to some!!


I also did a dumb thing trying to plug it all back in

when I got home. One phone call to Jeff and a few

mutual laughs and some wise instruction later, I was

back on line. None of this “talk down to the dumb

grandma” stuff – what a nice man he is !!


I can thoroughly recommend Jeff at PC Sanity. I live

at Scarborough and for me to take my PC all the way

to Rochedale, a good hour or more’s drive away says it all!!!!


Please check him out before you go any where else – you

won’t be sorry!!



Kind regards Yvette


Tracee Trammell

Subject: Dear Jeff (PC Sanity)


I must say a BIG Thank you for helping me to sort out my computer recently.

As we needed to do a full reboot of my system, you were thorough in backing

up all my files as we have our own business we had a lot of

information on our system.


After you had finished I had almost a brand new system that worked absolutely

fantastically. So once again your expertise and low affordable costs were greatly appreciated.


Thank you

Tracee Trammell


PO Box 509 Jimboomba QLD 4280

Ph: 07 5546 0777 Fax: 07 5548 6660

GoEnterprises Pty Ltd

T/A GoRoach Pest Management and GoPlugs

AEPMA QLD Branch Secretary/Treasurer & FAOPMA Organising Chairperson


(Testimonial contact details displayed by permission)

Re: Jeff @ PC Sanity

Posted by: “tynelilly” tynelilly@…


Sun Jan 28, 2007 5:58 pm


I agree Jeff does do a fantastic Job and on more than one occasion has

helped us out. We have 3 children (2 with disabilities) and he caters for

there needs and checks their computers for vruses and other probs at

very reasonable rates.


Jeff’s prices are better than anywhere, cheap good honest and down to

earth and extremely reliable.


Talks My language – I am computer illiterate,




Marie and Family)


Bryan Thompson (Eagleby Family Practice)

Subject: To Whom It May Concern

We have for some time used the services of PC Sanity for all our computer maintenance, upgrades and networking. 

We have found them to be extremely efficient in dealing with our computing matters and, most importantly,
very aware of the necessity of both confidentiality and discretion when, dealing with sensitive material.

I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who requires the services of an, experienced and innovative firm.

Please feel free to contact the undersigned if you require any further information.
Yours truly,
Bryan Thompson
- Practice Manager Eagleby Family Practice
- Shop 14, 130 Riverhills Road
- Eagleby 4207 28/01/2007

(Testimonial contact details displayed by permission)


Subject: Re PC Sanity

Many Thanks to Jeff at PC Sanity, for his patience and help in getting my computer back and running and "my sanity" reinstalled once again. 


Margo & Annie

Thank you for your e-mail everything is working well. The new computer is soooo much easier to use and is so much faster. 

Thank you Jeff

Trevor B

Subject: Thank-You
Thank-You Jeff for all your efforts,
The service that you provide is second to none and your attitude to the novice was very special to me.
Any other work that I need I hope you will be able to help again.
I will pass your details on to my friends.

A Big Thank-You Jeff.

Serena C

Hi Jeff
Yes I am fully enjoying the new PC you sold me.
Thank you very much

Shelli T

Hi Jeff
Thanks again for your great advice.


D & J Sharp

We would like to send our appreciation for the help we received fixing our computer. It is so frustrating when you have tried everything and still can not get the computer to work. Amazingly it is a miracle when we, as mature age people can use the computer for our simple needs. There is nothing worse than trying to live in this modern age with things breaking down.

Our Thanks J & D Sharp


Thanks for your follow up email and yes all is great.

Cheers David


THANK YOU !!! You are awesome i was dreading spending hours on hold then speaking to
sumone i couldnt understand to ask that. thanks worked n i’m up n running 🙂

i’m very happy, have a wonderful day!

Sue S.

We are very happy. Thank you. Should have upgraded ages ago! Have a great day

Regards Sue


Just wanted to say a sincere Thank You for your help & fix-up suggestions with
my PC. It seems to have speeded things up and running a lot smoother now. I couldnt
figure out what the problem was. The registry clean-up helped too as
it seems a lot more stable now. I totally recommend Jeffs services should anyone need
any PC help. It’s good to know we have someone we can turn to.
Jeff I’ll definitely keep you in mind if I’m shopping around for a new PC mate.



All is working very well and I am very happy with the new computer. I will
definitely be straight back to you when I renew my trend security (which I think isn’t until Jan 2011)
Thanks a lot for all your help



Thanks for the follow up email Jeff, all going well. No problems to
report. Must be the good service and your preparation before delivery.

Regards Wayne


PC Sanity have solved my PC problems in an efficient and friendly manner. The cost was very reasonable.


Margaret R

Top business, top bloke, honest, affordable and reliable – what more could anyone WANT?


Brian Rose

Jeff helped me recently with some computer problems and what I appreciated most was he didn’t

treat me like a dill but explained things in simple language fixed the problem and was reasonably

priced as well. I would definitely use him again.

Thank you Jeff.

Louise N

Our computer is running great guns since you serviced it in January Thank you very much.

Regards Louise

Jeff A.

Thank you for your great service. The PC has been running well. That is a sensational price for a video card – much appreciated.